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We strive to maintain a culture of innovation at every level of the organization. We attract and retain creative people from around the world, who help us create a steady stream of innovations that we bring to volume manufacturing through close cooperation with our customers. It is this focus on innovation and collaboration that enables us to file an average of between 50 and 100 new utility patent applications each year.


Intellectual Property (IP) managers work at all of our major global R&D sites, where they capture all patentable material resulting from our R&D activities. We now have nearly 1,500 patents in force worldwide, with many hundreds of those relating specifically to the ALD process technology platform. We expect new deposition technologies and chemistries to be a major driver for new IP in the future.

Patents protect our discoveries and enable us to speak more openly about our inventions and share ideas in the marketplace that benefit our customers. Our patents are usually registered in the principal countries where semiconductor devices or equipment are manufactured and/or sold.

Our vision is to increase our value to our customers and shareholders by using our IP in a way that differentiates our products, influences the market, and provides additional monetization opportunities. We seek to minimize IP risk for our products and R&D activities through strategic IP positioning and safeguarding technical know-how to preserve and grow our intrinsic value.


We have registered a number of trademarks covering our product portfolio in the principal countries.

ASM, the ASM International logo, Advance, Aurora, Dragon, Eagle, EmerALD, Epsilon, Horizon, Intrepid, Medallion, Polygon, Previum, Pulsar and Silcore are registered trademarks of ASM International NV. A400, A412, ALCVD, the ASM Qualified Licensed Supplier logo, Atomic Layer CVD, Axis, Loadstar, NCP, PEALD, Synergis, XP, and XP8 are our trademarks. ‘The Switch Is On’ and ‘Drive Innovation. Deliver Excellence.’ are our service marks.