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Collaboration and innovation are key to our success. While our core technologies, products, and services enable our customers to develop their technology roadmap, our capabilities hinge on the partnerships we enjoy with all our stakeholders. Partnerships that include our key customers, suppliers, research institutes, universities, society and, of course, our people. Without our people, we would not be the company we are today. Below we have outlined those areas where collaboration and innovation are vital to our continued success.


As an innovation leader for nearly a half century, the greatest contribution we make to society is through our advanced technology developments, including atomic layer deposition (ALD), plasma deposition, and epitaxy. The result? A broad range of products, services, and innovative solutions that support our customers to make the products that connect the world.


Our research and development (R&D) teams develop the new materials and processes that lead to the technological breakthroughs that drive us forward. But achieving these breakthroughs involves working closely with our research partners and customers. As part of our efforts to increase innovation, we continue to pursue and enhance strategic R&D partnerships with universities, industry groups, and customers.


Our long track record of scientific breakthroughs helps to create transistors only a few times larger than a single strand of DNA. Working alongside our customers, we have co-created technology roadmaps that have led to a range of advanced technologies, including the home computer, smartphones, medical equipment, and nearly every device containing an integrated circuit. Today, the strong relationships that enable us to develop our technologies help support the astonishing leaps behind the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and smart cars.


The world we live in is made up of a series of connections: people connecting to people; people connecting to machines; and machines connecting to machines. At ASMI, we know that it takes the right mix of people, working together, to solve big challenges. This is why we attract and invest in talented people from around the world. By investing in their future, we believe we are investing in all our futures.