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Good corporate governance is about applying sound business practices. At ASMI we do business in an ethical and transparent manner. We achieve this by setting up transparent processes and following internal policies and procedures that enable us to operate in the best interests of all our stakeholders, and which comply with applicable Dutch corporate governance requirements.


ASMI aspires to high standards of corporate governance and ethics practices. Sound corporate governance is a key component of ASMI's culture, behavior, and management and is consistent with our core values. Our corporate governance is supported by a strong focus on integrity, transparency and clear and timely communication. We endeavor to ensure that our policies and procedures comply with both applicable Dutch corporate governance requirements, to the extent possible and desirable, and the relevant laws. Furthermore, our corporate governance structure supports our business and meets the needs of our stakeholders.


ASMI is a public company established under Dutch law. The company's management and supervision structure is organized in a two-tier system, comprising of a Management Board, composed of executive directors, and a Supervisory Board, composed of non-executive directors. The Company’s Management Board has ultimate responsibility for the overall management of ASMI. The Management Board is supervised and advised by an independent Supervisory Board. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board are accountable to ASMI’s shareholders.

ASMI's common stock trades on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange (symbol ASM) and is required to comply with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code adopted in 2003 as amended in 2008 (the Code).

Corporate governance-related documents are available on our website, these include:

  • Supervisory Board Profile;
  • Supervisory Board Rules;
  • Management Board Rules;
  • Audit Committee Charter;
  • Nomination, Selection and Remuneration Committee Charter;
  • Remuneration Policy;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Whistleblower Policy;
  • Anti-Fraud Policy; and
  • Rules concerning Insider Trading.