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We live in a society that is increasingly connected. From the way we interact and travel, to the cities we inhabit, we rely on electronic devices to help us communicate, navigate, learn and play. Today, we are used to being able to work anywhere, anytime. Smart homes are helping us lower our energy requirements, saving costs and helping cut emissions. At the same time, greater connectivity in the health sector is advancing care in the community, helping people enjoy a better quality of life.

The next phase in this journey is the move towards the Internet of Things, where electronic devices connect to one another.
This connected world is creating the demand for massive amounts of data, requiring ever-greater computer processing power and storage, capable of analyzing and acting on the data quickly and effectively. Achieving this requires the processing power of semiconductor chips. And ASMI’s technology is one of the steps toward making it all possible.


We design, manufacture, and sell equipment and services to our customers for the production of semiconductor devices, or integrated circuits (ICs). Semiconductor ICs, often called chips, are a key technology that enable the advanced electronic products used by consumers and businesses everywhere. Our innovative technologies are used by the most advanced semiconductor manufacturers, primarily for the deposition of thin films.

Our customers’ goal is to build faster, cheaper, and more powerful semiconductors. We work closely with them to make this a reality, forging mutually beneficial partnerships that enable us to help them develop their technology roadmap. At the same time, our customers become expert users of our equipment, and their insights help us to continuously improve our systems, resulting in greater productivity and lower operating costs per wafer, benefiting us, them and the end consumer.

Because collaboration is such a vital part of our success, we also develop close ties with many of our other stakeholders.
For example, we maintain partnerships with technical institutions and universities to carry out leading-edge research and development. At the same time, working closely with our suppliers helps us manufacture, service, and sustain our products efficiently.


The process of making semiconductor chips is both highly complex and very costly. Semiconductor fabrication plants, called fabs, house a large set of wafer processing equipment which performs a series of process steps on round silicon wafers, which are typically 300mm in diameter. The equipment is operated in cleanrooms, which filter the air to avoid contamination from small particles that could negatively affect the circuitry on the chips.

Most of our systems are designed for deposition processes when thin films, or layers, of various materials are grown or deposited onto the wafer. After testing the individual circuits for correct performance, the chips on the wafer are separated and then packaged in a protective housing before ultimately becoming part of a set of semiconductor chips on circuit boards within an electronic product.


Our people are the driving force and the differentiating factor behind these innovations, which is why we focus on attracting and retaining talented individuals from across the globe. We know that it takes the right mix of people, working together, to solve big challenges. Investing in our people enables us to deliver the advanced nanotechnologies that enable better products to connect lives.